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What People Say ?

We are wedding planners and love David and Blonnie. They are friendly, reliable and so crazy talented. Couples will simply love their wedding photos. Highly recommended!

Elizabeth Bailey - Wedding Planner

What People Say ?

I hired David and Blonnie for our destination wedding in Rome. It was the best decision I have ever made – they made my life so easy and we enjoyed having them as vendors and as guests. They go above and beyond and their photography is breathtaking. Their team (plus ad hoc member- Adam!) is amazing and we are so lucky to have worked with them.


What People Say ?

From the moment they arrived, we were immediately at ease. It was like reuniting with two friends who cared deeply about making this day the very best of our lives. They captured candid shots that wove a story of how much we loved each other, and how special this day filled with family and friends was to us. When the necessary “staged” shots were needed, they directed us in ways that were easy for two non-models.  Amazingly, the results of their work made it seem as if we were.

Brian & Jack

What People Say ?

Blonnie did our photos and David our video. Blonnie definitely has an eye for great shots and really captured the essence of our wedding. So much so that the resort and travel agency we worked with have asked if they could use our pictures on their sites/Facebook pages. They truly have a passion for what they do, and it shows in their attitude and work. They would find a great setting/theme for pictures and get really excited about it which in turn made us really excited. I LOVED working with them, and would recommend them to anyone!

Surjit & Sanlyn

What People Say ?

Words can’t express my gratitude and appreciation to David and his partner Blonnie for their passion, commitment and artistic talent for our New Year’s Eve wedding.


Allison & Ryan

What People Say?

We couldn’t be more pleased with David and Blonnie.  The day of our wedding David and his partner Blonnie did an amazing job. They’re both friendly, funny, and made us feel so relaxed and comfortable through the entire day; they were an absolute pleasure to work with. Their talent and creativity was endless and the moments they captured of us, our families, and friends are breathtaking. Our photos are simply stunning and brilliant and we can’t thank David enough. Hire David and Blonnie; without question, it’s the best wedding decision you will make.

Ryan & Anna

What People Say ?

David and Blonnie were amazing! I was anxious about finding the right photographer and videographer, and they exceeded my expectations at every level. We had a blast at our engagement session, and so much fun getting to know them both. They did an incredible job of capturing us as a couple, and also got some adorable pictures of our pup.

Lara & Chris

What People Say ?

Thank you is certainly not enough in appreciation for all that David and Blonnie did for us before, during, and so soon after our wedding.

Hillary & Jarret

What People Say ?

Blonnie and David are very professional and capture moments like no other photographers I have known. Penny and I are so happy with the photographs Blonnie and David produced for our engagement and wedding photo shoots. We highly recommend them to anyone considering their wedding photography.

Brian & Penny

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Why Choose Us?

We want you to look back on your photos and films and remember how you felt inside, not just how you looked outside.

David & Blonnie

David and Blonnie met through their love of photography. Each had their own successful wedding photography business (CINEMATICbyDavidM and Blonnie Brooks Photography) before becoming a new bad-ass wedding photography team.

With a combined 23 years of experience between them both, they have photographed and filmed well over 1000 weddings along the east coast and destinations worldwide. Because of their excitement and love for what they do, they maintain a fresh approach for every new wedding that comes their way.

With creative, hungry minds, great attention to detail and a high level of technical expertise, they listen very carefully to their client’s desires and work hard to make every single wedding they deliver completely outstanding and unique.

They come with what they like to call the “regret prevention” guarantee. While they may not be the cheapest photographers on the block, they are certainly the best value. They love what they do and their desire to create kick-ass wedding photos for every client is reflected in their work.

About David

I am a storyteller.

It seems so simple – you put a camera to your face and you take a picture but there are so many different ways to interpret the same scene. My way isn’t necessarily better than other photographers – but it’s my own. It is different. I like the challenge of being a visionary: capturing a scene and creating my own unique interpretation. I love to play with light, unique colors, flares, reflections and create images that are hard to reproduce.

I love overcoming challenging situations and enjoy shooting in any light in any conditions.

About Blonnie

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Mary Oliver

This is the quintessential question by which I live my own life: What will I do with my one wild and precious life?

Life is a tiny and fleeting moment in the vastness of time. It’s estimated that earth is 4.54 billion years old, and we have but 77.97 little years to do with it what we want.

By the age of 30, I had lost four very important people in my life. Those losses taught me very painful yet valuable lessons—some at a very young age.
There are no guarantees. Life is here and then it’s gone, and I need to take advantage of every moment. My milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, days, years are just that—mine. I choose to share my precious time with those I love. I use my precious time to create my own joy, and to relish the fleeting moments and happiness of life.

Life is about enjoyment. Truly living is when you can finally be so comfortable with who you are that you no longer have to strive to change those little and unique pieces of yourself merely to satisfy the desires of someone else.

I feel a great responsibility to help my own daughter understand these ideas, as early as possible:

Be yourself.
Be whatever it is you want to be as long as it makes you happy.
Become who you are for you, not for me.

Blonnie's Philosophy

My favorite weddings are all about you, your love, and your individuality. There are no traditions to follow “just because that’s what’s done”. If you follow traditions, it is because they have deep meaning in your heart. The location, the decor, the guests and the vows — they are all a reflection of what is inside your hearts and what is important to your lives.

The photographs I treasure are the ones that show personal connection. Ones of fleeting glances and knowing looks, free emotions and unique gestures, the ones that only you and those that love you could create. Life is what happens between the posed photographs. Those are the moments I chase.

We are destination wedding photographers and videographers...

… well, technically we are based in Maryland, but we photograph many weddings around the country and beyond. We photograph weddings along the east coast in places like Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York City, but we’ve also photographed weddings throughout the United States. We’ve been to destination weddings in Poland, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Mexico and the list continues to grow!

We photograph weddings wherever our clients take us!

The lovely wedding photos on this page were taken by our dear friend and Los Angeles Wedding Photographer, Dina of Andrena Photography.